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[UPDATES: November 7, 2008]


Creator: pandigital
Maintainer & Moderator: sweetthumbelina

1. No drama!
2. Type intelligently. No chat-speak; it will not be tolerated.
3. Please be above the age of 13. Thank you.


1. Must be a member to post. Join?
2. So I know you've read the rules, please put "Sunflower" somewhere as your subject before you post your application. I'd hate deleting your app.
3. Application must be behind a lj-cut.
4. Try to elaborate. It'll help the voters.
5. You will be stamped after 8 to 10 votes. If you're not stamped by then I will post a reminded for those to vote on you.
6. If you haven't been stamped as of yet, you may still vote on others.
7. You must vote on 3 others before you can submit your application. This helps for everyone to be stamped faster.


1. You can vote someone as up to two different characters.
2. Please bold your votes. It helps me find the vote faster.
3. Please give an explanation as to why you voted them as such.



1. You may only re-apply once.
2. Please wait at least a week before you submit your new application.
3. Put "Re-Application" somewhere as your subject as well as "Sunflower".


Note: You are allowed to change and/or customize the survey if you want as long as 1) the questions and answers do not blend together. For example, keep the questions bold, make them italic, change them to a different color, or put the answers on a different line, whatever, as long as it makes it easier to read and 2) you don't take out any questions or change their order, please and thank you. If you're using rich text mode to write new entries, you're either going to have to disable it or do the bolding yourself on the questions in order for it to display right.

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Any questions? Contact pandigital or either co-mod.