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10 July 2008 @ 08:13 pm

Name: Andrew
Nickname: Drew
Age: 18
Gender: M

Likes: ancient civilizations, anime, archaeology, anthropology, art, bass guitar, coffee, concerts, drums, forensic science, guitar, healing/caring for others, horror movies, intelligence, the macabre, manga, martial arts, music, mythology, reading, storms, video games, zombies
Dislikes: Big crowds, rude people, homophobia, wailing babies in restaurants and theaters, people who don't get that I need a lot of time alone, people who judge by appearance - I don't want to steal your purse, old lady. I'm trying to help you pick up the things you dropped.

Strengths: I can play almost any stringed instrument and I'm a very kind person. I'm intelligent and curious about a lot of things - I love to learn. I'm creative, but not as artistic as some people I know.
Weaknesses: I'm kind of quiet and shy. Sometimes I think I'm too kind. I doubt my own abilities a lot.

Hobbies & talents: A lot of the things I listed in the 'Likes' part. I play my guitars, read, watch movies and anime, go to shows, visit museums, and play video games.
Pet peeves: What I listed in 'Dislikes', liars, back-stabbers

Color: Blue
Animal: Eagle
Season: Autumn or Winter

Mature or immature? Mature
Introverted or extroverted? Very introverted
Leader or follower? Follower
Generous or selfish? Generous
Hate or honor? Honor
Fight or flee? Fight only if I have to; I'd rather not.

What are your goals and dreams? Why? To keep my loved ones happy and safe, travel overseas. It would be great to pilot some kind of aircraft.
Who's your favorite character and why? Jin
Who's your least favorite character and why? Mukuro

Anything else? No
How did you find this community? My friend Mima
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