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01 June 2008 @ 12:16 am
Sunflowers: Reapplication  

Name: Rowan Hawes
Nickname: Mim
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Likes: Winter mornings, vanilla flavoured cigars, cravats, kimonos, hot baths, jelly beans, waking up and finding it snowed in the night, individuals, pomegranate juice, political humor, debating, public speaking, watching topgear and philosophical conversations
Dislikes: Being woken up early for no reason, people who talk for the sake of talking (I am strange and quite like akward silences), clowns, ladders, daytime television, horror films, spiders and people talking with their mouth full

Strengths: Individual, independent, analytical, determined, self confident, perceptive, charming, charismatic, enigmatic, patient, ambitious, resourceful, complex, eloquent and well mannered
Weaknesses: Overly analytical and perceptive, I take my perfectionism to new levels of extremity, proud, dramatic, unsympathetic, conceited, critical, stubborn, uncompromising, condescending, supercilious, arrogant, cold hearted, flippant attitude towards others, superiority complex, sadistic sense of humour, patronising, changeable, unpredictable, tendency to over think things, bossy, snappish, domineering, opinionated, control freak, neurotic, paranoid, insomniac, uptight, obsessive, trust issues, selfish, materialistic, self absorbed and narcassistic

Hobbies & talents: I can wrap my legs round my head, ambidextrous, double jointed, good at public speaking and debating, quick typer, good at thinking on my feet, watersports, shooting, sailing, horse riding and listening to classical music ♥
Pet peeves: People walking behind me, people talking with their mouths full, my personal space being invaded, being woken up early, little children screaming in public and people who talk for the sake of talking

Color: Deep red
Animal: Cats
Season: Winter because alcohol + snow = ♥

Mature or immature? Mature, scarily so
Introverted or extroverted? Extroverted but introverted about secrets
Leader or follower? Leader, I have trust issues
Generous or selfish? Generally selfish, or so I am told but if I have enough money to spare I dont mind as long as they pay me back with interest
Hate or honor? Surprisingly I am quite a noble person and place emphasis on politeness
Fight or flee? Fight, probably but it would depend on the situation, I wouldn't flee ouut of cowardice but perhaps to save someone else or if it would be of benefit in the long term

What are your goals and dreams? Why? To become a prosecutor as I have a very strong sense of justice, I would like a family someday (if anyone would have me), to travel and to make a decent amount of money but to gain the wisdom to spend it wisely
Who's your favorite character and why? Moronobu, I like the way he comes through in the end ^0^
Who's your least favorite character and why? Sasaki, I just really didn't like him D:

Anything else? No thank you
How did you find this community? I can't remember *sweatdrops*
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