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07 March 2008 @ 07:30 am
Sunflowers are delicious.  

Name: The Jester, Miki
Nickname: *points above sheepishly*
Age: N/A, over 16
Gender: Female

Likes: Yaoi, manga, anime, glasses/megane, reading, drawing, video games(although I don't seem to play them very much now adays...), tea/coffee, cats/kittens, Greek history and Greek mythology, science, chemistry, music
Dislikes: Big and loud dogs, spiders, other bugs, annoying people, rude people, vacuums, preppy girls/women, flamoyantly rich people who show off they're money irrisponsibly, being ignored, being interrupted

Strengths: My family and friends, my wits, my mad computer skillz, I'm determined, once I have a goal I do whatever I can to achieve that goal, I'm very loyal, I'm very smart in the tactical department
Weaknesses: Also my family and friends, I can't run very well, I have bad ankles and ribs, I'm easily distracted, I lose interest in a job if the reward isn't that worth it

Hobbies & talents: Hobbies; Drawing, writing, reading, singing to myself, playing video games, making up my own characters. Talents; Drawing, writing, singing(so I've been told, at least), playing the ocarina
Pet peeves: Being interuppted, being ignored, people who are rude to other people, homophobes

Color: Blue and white. They're crisp and clean looking, and they're not so flamboyant as red and other bright colors. I have a thing for coolness. >_>
Animal: Cats/kittens. They're- ...They're so cute ♥
Season: Autumn. It's not extremely cold, and it's not extremely hot. And it's the perfect time to wear just sweaters and scarfs, and not full-blown coats and jackets, blech. That and the colors are very pretty, and not too bright.

Mature or immature? I can be both, but I know when to act mature.
Introverted or extroverted? I little bit of both, really. It depends on my mood and how my days been going.
Leader or follower? I'm actually more of a loner, but if I had to I suppose I'd be a follower. I'm not a very good leader, really.
Generous or selfish? ...more on the side of selfish. If it's for a worthy reason, I'm generous, but I don't like sharing things with people who can easily get things themselves.
Hate or honor? 50/50. Hate, sadly, makes the world go 'round. But honor does as well. I stand more for honor, but I also hate many things/people.
Fight or flee? Either. Fight, if it's worth it and looks like it'll be an interesting/fun fight. Flee, if it's not and if it looks to be a pathetic fight.

What are your goals and dreams? Why? To be well-known by people by the time I die. Why; I just want to leave an impression on the world, before I pass away D:
Who's your favorite character and why? Jin. Why; asdf ♥ Do I need to state my reasons? He's cool, wears glasses, has long hair in a ponytail... He's funny to watch, and he stands for what's right. I love him.
Who's your least favorite character and why? I'm not too fond of Sakonshougen Nagamitsu. Why; He's annoying as hell. ಠ_ಠ

Anything else? I really wish I had my paid account back so I could use a SamCham icon *headdesk*
How did you find this community? I've been a member for a while now, just too lazy to ever write up an application. I think I found it while searching for the old rating community....
Please post the links of three members you have voted on: There was only one >>> HERE
Photos? I don't have any recent photos, but even if I did I wouldn't post them ffffff. Is a description fine?
5'3'', 101lbs, dyed black hair that's cut mid-neck length and is very shaggy, blue/gray eyes with glasses, skinny/boney and lanky, slightly tan skin, usually wearing casual clothes and always wearing socks.
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