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23 November 2007 @ 10:47 pm
the sunflower samurai wuz here...!  

name: carla
nickname: cali, cali-chan, carlis... everybody calls me something different O_o
age: 22
gender: fem

likes: food, chemistry, fantasy/sci-fi, anime/manga, movies, astronomy, coca-cola bears, sarcasm, philosophy, pop/rock/punk/any-combination-of-those, and errrr... boy, this question is just too broad!
dislikes: ants. writer's block. hypocrites. being hungry. musicals. war. people whose first language is english and yet have worse grammar than i do. people who talk to you once and suddenly think they're your BFFs (and will therefore stick to you until you are forced to be rude to them).

strengths: i'm happy/hyper 98% of the time. open-minded. positive. i'd like to think i'm smart and i've been told i'm funny (or well, people just laugh even if i'm not trying #_# i wonder if i should be proud or upset?...)
weaknesses: stubborn. no patience. too sarcastic sometimes. insensitive. keep things bottled up inside. can come off as a loner.

hobbies & talents: writing, reading, webdesign, icon-making. as for talents... errrr... people tell me i act like i'm drunk even if i'm sober. is that a talent? oh, i read really fast, too! and i'm great with stereochemistry. uh... yeah! *shrugs*
Pet peeves:

color: blue
animal: panda
season: they all have aspects i like and aspects i dislike, i can't choose just one.

mature or immature? immature, for sure. and i never want to grow up.
introverted or extroverted? at first i'm reserved... not really shy, just not one to give the first step. after i've gotten to know a person, though, you just can't get me to shut up.
leader or follower? i'm the kinda follower that states her opinion loudly and repeatedly until everybody has heard it and considered it, and then ends up following someone else anyway. i go where the majority goes most of the time. not if it's jumping off a cliff or something but... you get my drift.
generous or selfish? it depends on the situation, actually. there are some things i just can't give.
hate or honor? huh? er, honor, i guess...
fight or flee? fight, most of the time.

what are your goals and dreams? why? finish my career, work at NASA, be a published/somewhat famous author, perhaps win one or two nobel prizes... ^____________________^ why? i don't know. i've just thought this way ever since i can remember. *shrugs*
who's your favorite character and why? jin. maybe because he's a samurai, and i love samurai. or it could be the glasses, i love men that wear glasses ^.^ i just think he's a cool character overall, very honorable and with many layers to his personality, even though you wouldn't think that way at first glance.
who's your least favorite character and why? i don't think champloo was long enough for me to hate anybody =/ most probably kouza.

anything else? have you realized that there's not much difference between the bold and normal fonts in this LJ style? *blinks*
how did you find this community? through the other champloo rating comm, actually ^^;;;
please post the links of three members you have voted on: well, there aren't enough un-stamped members to make three, but i voted on one, at least
photos? (optional)

uh, these are kinda old... 2+ years ago... but my more recent ones are kinda huge and i can't be bothered with resizing them & uploading them right now...

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Manda: Mugen Pfft!abandonreality on January 14th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
Fuu, a definite Fuu.. XD
ex_victims404 on January 29th, 2008 03:05 am (UTC)
Fuu, especially in strengths and weaknesses.
Angel: Cupcakesall_my_colours on February 2nd, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)